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My commitment is to assist musicians make the finest music by creating sensitive and responsive custom guitars with easy playabilty and harmonically rich tone.

My responsibility has also been to maintain and repair the great instruments that have been created in the past as well as bring musical qualities to the many production instruments made.

As long as I can remember I have been interested in music. This interest combined with the influence of my older guitar playing cousins and a fascination with the rock music of Jimi Hendrix and Spanish guitar of Segovia and Flamenco tradition led to the inevitable formal guitar lessons beginning at the age of 10.

Playing electric guitar as a teenager I was never happy with the performance of my guitars an inexpensive Suzuki brand "Les Paul" and a Torch brand "Stratocaster"reproductions compared to my cousins hand made Stewart Male electric.

So I started experimenting in an attempt to get my guitars to play and sound better. I "scalloped" fretboards, did re-frets, changed pickups, and custom re-wiring.

This enabled me at the age of 16 to get a part time job in the repair department at Musical Repair & Trading in Sandringham.

Studying music at Box Hill Tafe in 1989 (advanced cert. in music performance) with all the wonderful musicians/teachers including Mario Lattuada and (Jochen Schubert,externally) deepened my understanding in the language of music and music performance.

On completion I was succesful in being accepted into the Classical Guitar program at the Victorian College of the Arts.

My lutherie training in Australia has been diverse and my initial mentors I studied with were Guitar repair, custom electric guitar making & nitro cellulose finishing with Neil Kennedy.

Maton Luthier, George Sahpekidis assisted me in the art of acoustic guitar making following the traditional American approach, the proper use of hand tools and importantly understanding how to repair and construct  stable necks including longed neck bouzoukis and Electric basses.

Richard Howell has imparted much knowledge in the sensitivity and philosophy required in making fine classical guitars including French polishing and have been honoured to have had and inspiring mentor.

It was in 1994 on making and selling custom guitars I made the decision to establish the Matheas Guitars workshop and was awarded a Queens Trust award on successful completion of a NEIS business course.

In 2002 my hunger and curiosity for increasing my knowledge and pursuit for excellence took me overseas.

I undertook professional development studies with Buzz Feiten Design in Los Angeles (Greg Back and Buzz Feiten) learning new principals in electric guitar intonation/tuning improvements.

At the CF Martin & Co in Pennsylvania, I was introduced to the repair processes employed by the factory and experienced staff primarily Lon Werner and Gary Lindenmoyer.

Since the establishment of my workshop I continue to practice lutherie with a deep love and enthusiasm.

This feeling has not diminished rather continued my inquiry in many other areas.

In the belief to help me achieve my highest level and for a meaningful human purpose.


Jim Matheas

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